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Claire HoltBAFTA Tea Party (2010)

Wed, 23rd April   16

Claire Holt Brits On The Patio Honor Melanie Greene (2009)

Tue, 22nd April   18

Claire HoltChampagne Launch of BritWeek (2009)

Mon, 21st April   30

Nadia pointing out that Matt trusts Rebekah and Matt not denying it. :’)

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make me choose 

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Sun, 20th April   845

TVD characters + MBTI
• Rebekah Mikaelson → ENFP “The Inspirer”
"Lively, dramatic, energetic, enthusiastic, they are non-conformists, following their own path and trusting their intuition.”

Sun, 20th April   235

mikaelzones asked: Candice Accola or Nina Dobrev

Hi! May I ask where did you get all of Claire's candids and pictures ? Thanks. And I'm a little curious why you don't watch TO anymore ?

HI! I get them from here. or just jared if they happen to post stuff on Claire.

I don’t watch TO anymore because I lost interest in it after about… episode 10 or 11 and then I just watched the show for Rebekah/Claire until her last episode. I can’t stand Hayley, Camille, or Genevieve. I love Phoebe, but Hayley is my least favorite character she has played. OH! And I believe it’s basically becoming TVD 2.0 when they told us that it wouldn’t.

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Claire Holt at Dry Bar in West Hollywood

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Claire Holt attends City Year’s 4th annual Spring Break-Destination: Education